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Than0s has defeated Fa Fafafa Fa
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O H I O has defeated Chuck Noriss
...10 minutes ago

Chuck Noriss has defeated Pewpew Mage
...13 minutes ago

Pewpew Mage has defeated I Kao I Lol
...16 minutes ago

O H I O has defeated I Kao I
...16 minutes ago

Build has reached level-96 in herblaw!
...20 minutes ago

Hellboy has defeated I Kao I
...21 minutes ago

O H I O has defeated Chuck Noriss
...23 minutes ago

O H I O has defeated Vodka N Reb
...24 minutes ago

Beaten has defeated Jehu
...25 minutes ago

Kolin has completed the Restless Ghost quest!
...33 minutes ago

O H I O has defeated Strong Bitch
...37 minutes ago

Codys 41 has defeated Xperience X
...47 minutes ago

Codys 41 has defeated O H I O
...52 minutes ago

Codys 41 has defeated Hellboy
...52 minutes ago

Codys 41 has defeated Chuck Noriss
...52 minutes ago

O H I O has defeated I Kao I Lol
...53 minutes ago

Chuck Noriss has defeated Arrowed
...54 minutes ago

My 42 Def has defeated Codys 41
...58 minutes ago

Supply Chain has defeated Chuck Noriss
...58 minutes ago

Strong Bitch has defeated O H I O
...58 minutes ago

Codys 41 has defeated Cat Burglar
...1 hour ago

Vini has defeated Chuck Noriss
...1 hour ago

Purple Power has completed the Witches Potion quest!
...1 hour ago

O H I O has defeated Strong Bitch
...1 hour ago

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Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I want to take you back to a time. A time when most of you were teenagers (some of you are currently...which is odd...).

Do you remember:

-The countless hours spent on the computer on school nights?
-Mom caving in to letting you stay home from school to nerd it up?
-Mom ponying up the dough for some online video game service of some sort?
-Mom taking you to Circuit City, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, where ever to go get a replacement mouse, keyboard, computer, whatever?
-You jacking up the computer to a state to where no one else in the house could use it to even play solitaire or freecell?

You conned someone into allowing all of this bullshit to happen, so instead of being lazy and picking up your phone to send a text message or sharing some generic Facebook Mother's Day image, get off your ass and go visit Mom. When you get there, start working on something that needs done at the house, don't even ask.

You're welcome,

Views: 151 Replies: 7 Posted by: Drax 08/May/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

It's that time again. We will be holding a double experience event, that runs from today (Friday, May 6th, 2016), until Sunday (May 8th, 2016 - 12:00AM Midnight PST). Please use this opportunity to take advantage of earning double the experience in that one pesky skill you've dreaded levelling!

Have fun,
RSCEmulation Staff.

Views: 56 Replies: 2 Posted by: Pyru 06/May/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

We would like to announce the following changes and additions to our staff team:

Event Moderators:

- Death New addition to the team
- Yondaime New addition to the team
- Catbox New addition to the team
- T C H B New addition to the team


- Mod Merch Promoted!
- Mod Strong Promoted!
- Mod Nawas Re Added to the team!

The above choices reflect our desire to better serve you and make your experience here at RSCEmulation a pleasant one. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of our staff members in-game, or via the forums. Please welcome and congratulate them on their promotions!

Best Regards,
RSCEmulation Staff Team

Views: 414 Replies: 28 Posted by: Pyru 25/Apr/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

The "Rare Dealer" located behind Edgeville Bank will be removed in 1 week of this posting (4/17/2016). Now is the chance to use your GP to obtain the new coloured hats, as they will not be available for purchase, after the dealer has been removed.


Views: 132 Replies: 0 Posted by: Pyru 10/Apr/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Recently, I have noticed users registering with invalid email addresses , which is creating an influx in support requests to reset passwords. To further reduce the amount of requests, forum spam and "ghost accounts", I have implemented functionality to validate your email address upon registering.

I am also urging everyone who is currently active, and who has read this message, to update your email address within your profile. You can do so by clicking your forum username at the top of the website, clicking profile,  then entering a new email address and clicking submit.

Note: You will need to check your spam / junk folder as some of our emails are ending up there. I have tested it multiple times, with multiple email providers, and emails ARE being sent out.


Views: 124 Replies: 5 Posted by: Pyru 05/Apr/2016

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