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Greetings RSCEmualtion Patrons,

I am posting this in advance, to remind you that there will be a double experience event that runs from Friday May 29th, until Sunday May 31st. Please take this opportunity to gain as much experience as possible, whether it be to train up a new character, or reach a desired level in a specific skill.


Views: 95 Replies: 6 Posted by: Pyru Yesterday

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Wanted to give you a heads up. We've got another contest coming your way. Check the following thread for the terms and conditions of the contest! Some rules have been modified/changed from the first contest.


Views: 92 Replies: 3 Posted by: Drax 15/May/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

In light of the wined character reset, we feel it only necessary to throw some events, which contain a "rare/holiday" item as the prize. We will not have a "set" time, but we will be throwing said events, over the next few days.

Our reason behind doing so, is we feel if there are a few more "rare/holiday" items that exist, maybe the staking scene will benefit (seeings how it has been stale for the last little bit) due to wined accounts.

Note: Please do not ask what we will be giving out as prizes as that is not something we have planned. We also do not plan on handing out an influx in items as doing so could harm the price of other "rare/holiday" items that are currently circulating / held by others.


Views: 353 Replies: 18 Posted by: Pyru 11/May/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

In light of the recent poll conducted as to resetting wined hit points, we have just implemented functionality doing so. All wined hits were calculated/reset properly, based on attack, defense, and strength / 3 + 1154.  I hope this brings stakers the closure they wanted / needed to feel secure in staking others. Stake On!


Views: 252 Replies: 29 Posted by: Pyru 11/May/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

We have decided to re-implement the Death Match Arena due to popular demand. To check it out, click on a warp portal, and select the "DM Arena" option.


Views: 229 Replies: 17 Posted by: Pyru 08/May/2015

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