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Welcome to RSCEmulation, the most active and longest running RuneScape Classic Private Server!

To play, please use the Installer. Make sure you create a character via the Character Hub.

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It comes with a heavy heart that I announce Mikko has resigned.

I'd like to take a second and thank Mikko for the years of service to RSCE and for being an active and positive member of the community and an essential part of the staff team.

With more bot catches under his belt then any other staff member combined you can also say thank you to Mikko for making sure that AI didn't totally take over the game completely.

Much Love from all of us in the RSC community.

Views: 514 Replies: 15 Posted by: Catbox 20/May/2017

We would like to thank all of the hard working women who did whatever they could during our childhood years to make sure we always had internet and snacks in the fridge for us.

In honor of these ladies Ill be hosting a level 3 boxing event a little later this afternoon. (Approx 4 pm PST)

Characters must be female and the name must be your mothers name.

Prize is a party hat set!

Views: 515 Replies: 9 Posted by: Catbox 14/May/2017

So I/we have been working with a community local dev lately and we are finally hitting our strides. It is a pain in the ass to coordinate with someone who lives across the world from you, not to mention the trust involved of whether it is done through Teamviewer(both there at the same time) or trusting someone you just started talking with with the source to work on on their own.

Annoyances like that aside, we have finally gotten some progress. We have already had the local client for testing up and running, but on top of that we can implement new items AND clean up the cause of the lag.

I get that the lag issue is 50/50 on whether or not you are affected by it, but those who are it seems it comes from the actual coding done. Alot of unnecessary items and classes and keys being called that are eating up processing power.

I am off of work today, so waiting to hear back from the dev on the next steps to take but yeah. I wish I had more information to give or real things to implement, but we just aren't there yet.

Views: 2435 Replies: 39 Posted by: Saders 30/Apr/2017

Greetings RSCEmulation Community,

We are pleased to announce the following additions and changes to our staff team:


- Filth New addition to the team!


- Mod CHII Promoted!
- Mod Enticed Promoted!
- Mod Envy Promoted!


- Zack Ice New addition to the team!
- Meangean New addition to the team!

These individuals have demonstrated the passion and the skills & abilities to go above and beyond in helping out our fellow players of RSCEmulation. Kindly give them a warm welcome!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff members via in-game, forums, or Discord.

We appreciate all your continued support for the server. smile

Best Regards,
Staff of RSCE

Views: 1989 Replies: 16 Posted by: Merch 07/Apr/2017

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