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Should we require the runecrafting skill to have a small quest completed prior to it being accessible? This is to combat autoers.



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Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

This weekend, Friday, February 5th until Sunday, February 7th will be a double experience event. All experience gains are doubled! Please take this opportunity to level up those desired skills you've been holding off.


Views: 159 Replies: 7 Posted by: Pyru 03/Feb/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

The following changes have been made live as of February 1st, 2016:

- If you are in a designated 1 vs 1 area, in combat, you will not be able to cast magic on players who are not in combat with you. You will also not be able to be maged from other players who are attempting to cast magic on you, who are also not in combat with you.
- Added a Chaos Imp to the wilderness, which will roam randomly around the wilderness,  but will not go lower than level 3.
- Added a Chaos Rat to the wilderness, which will roam randomly around the wilderness, but will not go lower than level 3.
- Changed Sunday's P2P day to Thursday. Now Monday and Thursday will be P2P days.
- Non-subscribers can now teleport to Draynor (there was a bug only allowing subscribers to before).
- Fixed a bug that cause you to not be able to range players in 1vs1 zones.

- I am currently in the process of editing the drops for the newly added NPCs. I think it is applicable to add blood stained tokens to these NPC's along with other high valued drops, as the npc's are difficult to defeat. It will also hopefully get new players in the wilderness farming them, as I will be also adding some other goodies to the PK shop in exchange for blood stained tokens.

If any NEW bugs arise, please notify me or a member of staff immediately. Alternatively you can also make a post in this thread. As always, thank you all for your continued support towards RSCEmulation.


Views: 346 Replies: 28 Posted by: Pyru 01/Feb/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

The following additions/changes have been made live as of 1/30/2016:


- All potions (including ranging potions), are now reset upon entering the wilderness, if the wilderness state is not P2P.
- Removed level 48 and above as P2P. The whole wilderness will be F2P or P2P depending on the wilderness state. Any P2P item / potion, will require the wilderness state to be P2P, in order to use it.
- P2P will now be 2 days a week, one day will have god-spells enabled, the other will have them disabled. The rest of the the days will be F2P, 2 of them will have weakens enabled by default, the rest will have them disabled.
- Varrock wilderness from the "fence", to the most eastern wall, up to level 10 will be a 1 vs 1 zone only.
- If you log out around the castle level 13 castle (not varrock), you will be teleported to a random coordinate, within the castles set dimensions.
- Admins now have the command to toggle 1v1 mode wilderness wide.
- Admins now have the ability to toggle how many IP's can be used wilderness wide. We are also considering asking the community if they want us to have the IP limit automated, and change depending on the schedule below i.e (Monday can be 1 IP, Tuesday unlimited).

The following are the new wilderness states by day:

Sunday: P2P with god spells disabled and weakens disabled.
Monday: F2P with weakens enabled.
Tuesday: F2P with weakens disabled.
Wednesday: F2P with weakens enabled.
Thursday: P2P with god spells enabled and weakens disabled.
Friday: F2P with weakens enabled.
Saturday: F2P with weakens disabled.

Content / Landscape:

- Added a new PK Shop to Varrock edge. The new PK shop contains a new ... [ Read More ]

Views: 857 Replies: 59 Posted by: Pyru 30/Jan/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

In light of the recent wilderness change, I have noticed an increase in unsatisfied players, and a decrease in the amount of pking. My intentions were to help the character parking situation, not drive players away from pking, or make people discouraged. I have reverted the most recent wilderness update (character parking, and prayer drainer) but am still wanting to implement a suggestion from this thread.

I have been brainstorming ideas amongst pkers, other developers, and my staff team. I have also been reading the suggestions and possible solutions. Below is what I am proposing as possible implementations / changes / fixes for the most recent wilderness change:

- Remove the prayer drain and random teleport, but implement a 5-10 second rule, that makes a player unattackable for 5-10 seconds by a NEW player (previous player who attacked you can still re-attack, but if someone new tries to attack you within the 5-10 seconds, they will not be able to).

- Remove the prayer drain, random teleport, and implement a feature that if you login around certain "hot spot" (which include the castle), then you will be essentially "stuck" or "frozen" (unable to move) for 5-10 seconds, which renders you un-attackable, and also not able to attack others during that time frame.

- Remove the prayer drain, random teleport, and make certain "hot spots" (including the castle and other areas) 1 vs 1 and multi "zones".

- Remove the prayer drain, random teleport, implement 1 IP, and one or some of the above mentioned rules.

User suggestions (Will be updated when more suggestions come in

TheShortBus wrote:


- remove prayer drain - way too big of a change and an enormous hassle

-Random teleport - however adjust it within reason - doesn't affect people at training spots like hobbs, graveyard, pirates, ... [ Read More ]

Views: 728 Replies: 63 Posted by: Pyru 24/Jan/2016

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

The following changes / additions have been made live as of Friday, January 22, 2016:

Tools Menu:

The "tools menu" contains the following additions / changes:

- Fightmode selector now toggable.
- Fog of war now toggable.
- Show / hide loot is now toggable.
- Ceilings / roofs is now toggable.


- Weakens have been disabled by default.
- Unlimited IPs in the wilderness has been enabled.
- Teleporting to the castle now requires you to be holding/wearing an amulet of value. In addition, you will be teleported to a random coordinate near / within the castles location.


Runecrafting multiplier has been increased x2 for non-subscribers, 4x for subscribers (this should be more than enough to craft runes at ease).


I have also edited the attacking / eating classes / methods.

Please inform me of any bugs / abnormalities that may arise.


Views: 712 Replies: 61 Posted by: Pyru 22/Jan/2016

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