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Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

We have purchased a new dedicated server, which should alleviate some of the latency issues, some users are experiencing. Of course this is dependent on the users connection, and ping to the server itself. 

Over the course of the next day or two, I will be migrating all of the data from our current server, to our new dedicated server. Some down-time will be expected.

Thank you for your understanding, and continued support and dedication to RSCEmulation, your number one RuneScape Classic server.

Best Regards,

Views: 54 Replies: 3 Posted by: Pyru Today

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

The time has finally come! The Gnome Robe and Boots shop is open!


Views: 230 Replies: 9 Posted by: Drax 27/Mar/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I've done a couple things today, but one of those was massively increase drop rates.

In Lessers and Greaters, you can expect to find:
-Higher drop rates for pk runes.

In Black Demons, Black Dragons, Red Dragons, and Blue Dragons, you can expect to find:
-Increased percentages for drops of Rune equipment, Dragon armor, and Runes.
-Increased number of runes dropped at a time.

In King Black Dragons, you can expect to find:
-The addition of Dragon Bone certs, Prayer Potion certs, Swordfish certs, and Shark certs.
-Increased percentages for drops of Rune equipment, Dragon armor, and Runes.


Views: 191 Replies: 15 Posted by: Drax 27/Mar/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

While doing some research today, I discovered there was a difference in the experience gained as opposed to the rates we had set in our system. This is related to some of the coding that we had in place during release of the server. The rates in wilderness were near 7x unsubscribed and 8x subscribed.

I am happy to announce that our current and permanent rates are now as they should be at the following:

Melee Combat Experience (Attack, Strength, Defense, Controlled):
- 11x subscribed while in wilderness
- 10x not subscribed while in wilderness
- 5.5x subscribed outside of wilderness
- 5x not subscribed outside of wilderness

Other skills (wilderness does not affect these rates):
- 3.5x subscribed
- 3x not subscribed

Very respectfully,

Views: 162 Replies: 15 Posted by: Drax 27/Mar/2015

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

In light of the new wilderness changes / fixes, we would like to offer up a double experience weekend, which will start Friday, March 20th and run until Sunday, March 22nd. In addition to the double experience weekend, I have enabled the ability for non-subscribers to wield / use P2P gear and spells, only in the wilderness at any time / wilderness state.


Views: 304 Replies: 18 Posted by: Pyru 19/Mar/2015

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