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What should the experience rate be?

3x Non Sub, 3.5x Sub

5x Non Sub, 5.5x Sub


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Some more fixes to add to the list:

New Fixes

- Players are now alerted when they try to loot an item with a full inventory.
- Gnome Pilot now only allows you to use the glider if you're a subscriber.
- Level 48 wilderness Skeletons removed.
- Glassblowing pipe is now a P2P item.
- Kebab is set to P2P.
- Seaweed is set to P2P.
- Bat bones are set to P2P.
- Mithril seeds are now set to P2P, and unusable in the wilderness.
- Bones to bananas now works.
- 3/3.5x for non-combat stats.
- Mining Guild requires 60 mining to enter.
- Oil can added in Draynor.

- P2P teleports no longer takes your runes from you.
- Bettys Magic shop now stocks the proper amount of runes.
- Half keys are P2P items.
- Level 13 rats in wild were removed.
- Gate in lava maze is now P2P.
- Gate in lesser cage is now P2P.
- Fish shop in Port Sarim now stocks the proper amount of items.
- Gunthor The Braves combat adjusted.
- Rune pickaxe was added to the pickaxe shop.
- Level 16 Wizards now drop bones 100% of the time.
- White knights now retreat.

I still have some bugs I am working on, nothing major, I don't see much preventing me from a successful / stable F2P launch within the next few days (Could be sooner wink)


Views: 622 Replies: 29 Posted by: Pyru Yesterday

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

After looking at the results of the poll, and speaking to some players, I've decided the following rates for experience:

- 5x for non subscribers.
- 5.5x for subscribers.
- 3x for non subscribers.
- 3.5x for subscribers.

Thank you for all your input,

Views: 458 Replies: 28 Posted by: Pyru 22/Jul/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

I have re-opened registrations on the forums. I am aiming for a launch this week as most of the bugs have been ironed out. I will be wiping beta stats shortly, and allowing all the newly created accounts, a shot at testing out the beta. The more testing, the better.


Views: 270 Replies: 14 Posted by: Pyru 22/Jul/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

We are launching the beta today, and are just ironing out a small bug with the caching system. We will keep you posted via the "Announcement" box at the top of this website, when the server is online, and ready for testing. A big thank-you to all of you who are assisting with the beta launch.

New Fixes:

- Al Kharid gate now requires you to finish the Prince Ali Rescue quest, or pay 10 gold, prior to using it.
- Edgeville Shop now stocks the same items RuneScape Classic did.
- Port Sarim Monk of Entrana's no longer allow you to use the boat.
- Deleted Master Fisher from random locations.
- Red Dragon gate is now inaccessible.
- NPC's in the old "Ancients Guild" have all been removed.
- Make Over Mage in Edgeville has been removed.
- Gnome Pilot in Al Kharid doesn't allow you to fly to the "Mountain" P2P area.
- Fish (raw/cooked lobster, swordfish, tuna) should all now give you GP when selling to stores.
- Snape Grass is now set to a P2P item.
- You now receive GP when selling cakes.
- The server "autorestart" functionality now works.
- The web in Varrock sewers now requires you to cut it.
- Pestle & Mortar is now set to a P2P item.
- Teleport spells to P2P areas, no longer work, and no longer take runes.
- P2P items cannot be purchased / sold to stores, if you're not a subscriber.
- Spam burying bones, or eating, no longer gives the message "You cannot do that whilst fighting".
- Lobster spot in Karamja now doesn't allow just a left click.
- Chat is disabled on tutorial island.

New Fixes:

- Sleeping while in combat no longer works.
- Suggestions no longer ... [ Read More ]

Views: 1674 Replies: 72 Posted by: Pyru 20/Jul/2014

Greetings RSCEmulation Patrons,

Just a post updating you with the current progress, and what's left to do:


- Removed RuneCrafting.
- Removed ::stuck
- Removed event moderators, and the ::event command.
- Removed "staking tax".
- Removed the ability to zoom in / zoom out.
- Removed the ability to toggle roofs.
- Removed the party system.
- Removed the ability to skip tutorial island.
- Removed the DM Arena.
- Enabled the ability to toggle fog of war on / off for subscribers.
- Edited NPC spawn locations.
- Edited Object spawn locations.
- Edited NPC drop tables.
- Used an "original" RuneScape Classic landscape.
- Starting location is now tutorial island.
- P2P items can only be picked up by subscribed accounts.
- Dueling is a subscriber only benefit.
- Global Chat is a subscriber only benefit.
- Removed all portals  (tentative ?)
- Fog in wilderness always on.
- Sounds are functioning properly.
- Experience rates are now configurable through server config as "floats". Can now set 3.5x exp.
- Chat functions properly.
- Removed the control + r ability to reply to message.
- Disabled trading P2P items to a non subscriber.
- Disabled thieving to non subscribers.
- Roofs toggable for subscribers only. Only roofs outside of the wilderness can be toggled.
- God spells only castable if the player is a subscriber, and in level 48 > wildy (above the gate).
- P2P PvP to be allowed only in "P2P" (level 48 > ) area of the wilderness.


- Disable the ability to multilog in the wilderness.
- Need the default zoom when entering a building with roofs.
- when a player dies, myself for example, there are no bones when i return to the spot i died.
- P2P content is under construction, but for the ... [ Read More ]

Views: 2054 Replies: 65 Posted by: Pyru 15/Jul/2014

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